Take Charge of your Life!

Several weeks ago, Bill Gatten responded to a poster on the Discussion Group asking for help in changing the fortune in his life. If you missed the first installment, find it at Bill's Answer. The following is a continuation of the dialogue Bill has had with the gentleman

And by the way, contrary to your stated intentions, don't ask God for anything tomorrow at Church. It's not his job...it's yours! (In re. your comment about praying for God to change your life)

God does not want you to have a new life. The one he gave you is perfect, and exactly the way he wants it to be (the circumstances within it are your gifts and your responsibility alone). Accept your challenges without blaming or asking God for anything. Those challenges are his glorious gift to you of the opportunity to find out who you really are, and what your value to him will ultimately be.

Thank him for your life just as it is ("...without one plea," as the song goes). Thank him for who you are, and for the opportunities you have at your disposal. Don't beg him for anything you don't already have. If he thought you needed something else right now, or to be in different circumstances than you are, he'd have already arranged for that!

God has given you life and the entire freakin' universe to work with and to control...what more could you possibly desire?

Rather than praying (begging) for a new life for yourself, read the book of Job again...the prayers will do no good until they turn from beseeching to gratitude and self-reliance.

Now, let's get to work John. Stop seeing yourself as anything other than ALREADY absolutely perfect, and already everything you'll ever need to be, and in possession of everything you'll ever need to have! God likes your life just the way it is, or he wouldn't have made it that way.

All of the abundance of the entire cosmos is already yours...you merely need to believe and trust in that fact, and reach out for all of it.

Think about it, John: If you trust God enough to go to church tomorrow and think he would change your life to suit your own needs just because you asked him to, then (dammit!) trust him enough to honor his desire that things be just exactly the way they already are. Do you think God forgot about you and let your best interests just go to hell (as it were)? That's not faith in God. That's an insult to God. Leave him alone. He has enough to do, with all that's going on in Kosovo and Somalia, for crying out loud!

Come on John! Think what life would be like if, before you were born and your destiny was handed to you, God had said "OK John, this time around you will spend an entire lifetime on that blue planet without any trials, pain, tribulations, illnesses, needs, wants, dreams, hopes or difficulties...just pure comfort and absence of pain and tribulation." Is that anything like what you would have agreed to? Or...might you have replied: "No thank you God. Zap it to me this time around. I want to get a good dose of all of it, and determine for myself, for sure, that I truly deserve my place here, and am worthy of it when I report in again."

John. Think about it. Do you think Christ was joking around when he said: "Have faith but as a grain of mustard seed and move the mountains 'yourself'...you don't need God for that!" Nope. He meant it, and you can.

Stop asking God to make things better or different than he's already decided they ought'a be. Your circumstances are not unique, and they are not beyond your control.

Have 'Faith' instead of 'Hope.' Hope is empty and cold and worthless. Knowledge of, and faith in, yourself and the gifts God has given you is all that can help you out of whatever situation you perceive yourself to be in.

To have Faith in Godís having DONE the right thing is wonderful, but hoping and praying that he WILL DO the right thing is the pinnacle of arrogance: "Um...God...no offense, but I think you made a big mistake here, concerning the things I want relative to the things I have. If you'd rethink it all for me, I'd sure appreciate it. Now here's MY list of your mistakes that I'd like you to correct for me..."

And John...you're as capable in the life as is anyone who's ever been born on this planet, including me...I just happen to have a better grasp on the immutable laws of the universe than you do right now. If you mean what you say, and if you're willing to hang in there to the end, we'll do great! If you falter in your desire or your obligations...we won't.


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