The answer:” ABSOLUTELY I’ve done it, starting at the tender young age of 50, “proclaims Bill Gatten...
Real Estate Investor, Trainer, Speaker and Investor of the Land Trust Buying System known as the
PACTrust/NEHTrust buying system.
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Adam A.
The fact that Bill Gatten has made a 'huge' difference in my life is an understatement.
Dennis S.
Dennis writes in about his first three houses under contract!
Ed G.
Wonderful accolades on Bill's book.
Jim C.
We really do provide wonderful support to our Network Members
Jon B.
His second two-tier trust and kudos to our Bill and Cari.
Lana S.
She just started with $200!!!
Mark P.
Mark thanks Bill for talking to his client.
Minh P.
Another satisfied and happy seminar attendee.
Phyllis T.
Phyllis thanks Bill for the inspiration he provides with his materials.
Ryan M.
Thanks us at for providing a great system, a fresh new mindset, and an ethical way to make money.

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